Still Life

Studio 1606 // Minneapolis Portrait and Event Photography

I was recently hired to photograph Cuban painter, Roger Toledo Bueno, at Studio 1660 - where he's been an artist in residence all summer. Studio 1660 is the brainchild of Zoe Kosieradsk, who first met Roger while studying abroad in Havana. I also shot photos at a backyard exhibit of Roger's work. 

I wrote about the project for Citinerary here and have included some of the photos from the article below. 

Skills Workshop x The Yarnery

On an unseasonably warm and sunny day in late March, a handful of other photographers and I closed all of the shades to shut out natural light and instead got out strobes and speed lights...

My friend, Eric Mueller, and I - sensing a growing desire among our photog friends to hone our technical skills - organized a tabletop lighting workshop at the delight St. Paul store, The Yarnery. Led by the talented Andy Swarbrick, we learned about and practiced with artificial lighting setups using gorgeous yarn as product.