The Best Season // Minneapolis Photography

It doesn't get much better than fall in Minneapolis. This week I ventured out to shoot photos for a piece on Citinerary in which I wrote about my top five ways to celebrate this marvelous season. Hint: it involves drinking really good beer. 

Check out the journal article here and scroll through a few of the images for the article below.

 ( c l i c k  t o  e n l a r g e )

WCCO #MyStateFair Instagram Takeover // Minnesota State Fair Photography

I Instagrammed on behalf of @WCCOTV while at the Minnesota State Fair last week. Below are the 5 images I posted to their feed.

And here's a blog post written by Eric Mueller who organized the takeover which included 4 other talented photographers! 

You Had Me at Vodka

When the organic, "grain to bottle" distillery, KOVAL, asked me to take over their Instagram feed for a day, I accepted for two reasons: free vodka of course, and I also had the perfect opportunity with an upcoming family vacation to depict their hashtag, #ReimagineTradition. 

I was a few weeks away from taking a trip that I have taken just about every week for my entire life and as such is very meaningful to me. As I captioned one photo:

"In 1966, my grandparents began a tradition that my (entire extended) family still cherishes today: a week-long vacation on the North Shore of Lake Superior. And even though my grandparents are no longer with us, every July 4th, three generations of their offspring gather at a tiny family-owned resort (which is a also still a working, one-man, commercial fishing camp) for a week of yard games, card playing, hiking, tons of food, and classic cocktails. Of course the latter two have evolved since the days of my grandparents’ Sloppy Joe dinners and Bloody Marys made with nothing but vodka and tomato juice, but the spirit of the trip - spending time with family and enjoying the great outdoors - remains the same."
Marian and Leo, 1972.

Marian and Leo, 1972.

Here are the images I shot for it, which can also be viewed (with captions) on KOVAL's blog